About inaccordance.co.uk

Who am I?

I’ve never been good at introductions because when they’re needed, I seem to forget every single interesting thing about myself. But I guess we’ll start with the basics. I’m Maria, a nineteen year old gap year student living in South-east England. A passionate vegan foodie, lover of long walks and somewhere awkwardly between extrovert and introvert.

In my early teenage years, I suffered with anorexia, exercise addiction and depression. These struggles took a toll on my life, but stopping at nothing to overcome them shaped who I am today. They displayed the importance of resilience in the face of difficulty, stepping out of your comfort zone and facing your limiting beliefs.

After restoring my relationship with food, I adopted a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, while building an exercise routine I love. Nowadays, I work out for fun and as a form of mindfulness. I found my unique definition of ‘balance’ and eat an abundance of foods that make me glow, rejecting myths in favour of what’s right for me. I don’t swing to extremes. At this happy place I found through a lot of trial and error, food and fitness supplement my life without overtaking it.

What is this blog about?

As a whole, IN ACCORDANCE is about thinking bigger. It’s about making the days count and connecting with our deeper selves in everything we do. Created to display the interconnection between physical wellness and success in other areas of our life, for people who want to thrive, reach their goals, and each plenty of delicious food along the way.

Honestly, confidence has never been a strong point of mine. I’ve always feared putting myself out there, and created this little corner of the Internet to challenge myself, while hopefully bringing value to others along the way as I figure out the intricacies of life.

So, what can you expect?

Vegan food

A collection of my favourite recipes, reviews and advice for anyone who wants to give the plantbased lifestyle a go. Using nourishing ingredients, I focus on combining flavour with wholesomeness and simplicity.

Why not start by checking out what a typical day of eating in my life looks like?

Personal growth

We all like the idea of becoming our best selves. And I like talking about the challenges on the way there with honesty and attentiveness to the nuances that hold us back, outlining possible solutions. I cover topics such as confidence, staying motivated and setting attainable, meaningful goals while staying true to who we are.

Healthy living

Aka, a topic that’s as broad as it is complex. Health is much more than exercise and what we put in our bodies (despite those things being key parts of the picture). It’s our mental wellbeing, our attitude towards and relationship with food and fitness, the habits we build in the long run. My aim is to guide and inspire, while learning and seeing all the different sides of wellness for myself.

Whoever you may be, I hope you find your stay on IN ACCORDANCE interesting and worthwhile!

Be sure to follow me on PINTEREST and TWITTER to keep updated. Feel free to reach out to me on maria@inaccordance.co.uk, or through the contact form on this website.

(Disclaimer: as a 19 year old that’s still in the process of figuring life out for herself, I’m definitely not an expert in any of the topics I write about! Everything is based on my own opinions, experiences and research :))