Let’s talk about insecurities for a second: pessimistic beliefs that hold us back from setting bigger goals more than anything else. Insecurities range from occasional and passing, to firmly-rooted, lifelong thoughts and ideas about who… View Full Post

While there is an undeniable incentive to adapt our routines to the ever-changing direction of life, I am in favour of establishing habits which consistently reinforce our wellbeing and productivity. For example, starting the morning… View Full Post

Comparison permeates our society down to a subconscious level. We know measuring our own success or value against other people is unproductive, we set goals to focus on ourselves, we try to recognise the unique… View Full Post

While sighing like a conservative old man at the excesses of young people culture, I think we should abandon a cynical, pessimistic attitude towards the digital age in the past. I can proudly declare myself… View Full Post