Hi, I’m Maria, the girl behind IN ACCORDANCE. I created this website with several purposes in mind: to help, to inspire to inform. This is a pretty multidimensional space and I write about a range of topics, which can be summarised as: 

Productivity and self-improvement

We all love to be productive and get things done in a timely manner, but finding strategies that work for us requires commitment and flexibility. Discussing topics from procrastination to overwhelm and staying motivated, I try my best to keep my tips actionable and fit for different circumstances. 

Thoughts and opinions

Put briefly, I like to have a deep chat, and where is a better place to do so than on my own little internet space? Talking openly and honestly, after all, encourages personal growth and builds solutions to problems. Why not start by reading my post on comparing ourselves to others, why it’s counterproductive and what we should do instead? (Of course, be sure to grab your favourite snack first!)

Writing and journaling

I love writing. I love putting together sentences. I think there’s magic in books and the written word. In recent months, I have discovered the power of journaling, a habit that I would recommend to anyone. Hence, I write about the act of writing, bullet journaling, and the way writing things down can enhance our lives

Fitness and wellbeing

A busy schedule and keeping physically fit do not have to be mutually exclusive. After recovering from anorexia and exercise addiction, I started my fitness and veganism journey in 2015, which made me eager to help others integrate exercise and healthy eating into their lives. I’m a huge advocate of eating more plants and have an array of recipes posted on this site, accompanied by exercise tips and workouts

Education and studying

Whoever we may be, we should strive to learn something new every day, which is made possible by resources ranging from the internet to public libraries. Being a lover of academia and education, I want to help other students succeed in exams and carry a passion for learning throughout their lives.

Now, a glance at who I actually am/my story. Nineteen years ago, I was born as an only child in Izhevsk, a mid-sized Russian city, and lived there for the first nine years of my life. With the help of my incredible parents and grandma, as a child I fell in love with learning, whether for school or my own enjoyment. Since then, my mum and I moved to a small town in England, integrated and started a new life, but despite these tremendous changed the passion grew as I progressed from primary to secondary school to sixth form. After my GCSEs, I enrolled in the International Baccalaureate diploma to study a broad range of subjects with a global outlook, which proved to be a turbulent yet unforgettable experience.

At the moment, I am taking a pre-university gap year and will be starting my History degree later this year: I picked this subject because a fascination with the past, in the broad forces as well as individual decision-making which shaped today’s world, has followed me throughout education and to say I’m looking forward to studying my favourite discipline in greater depth over the course of three years is an understatement for sure! Outside of learning, I’m a lover of long walks, early mornings and wholeheartedly experiencing the world.

Regardless of who you are, I hope you enjoy your stay on this website and if you have any questions/requests, feel free to send me a message!